Welcome to the Cowboy Boot Shop. This husband and wife team put their collective backgrounds of farming and ranching to work. Employing a practical approach to achieving the best possible results.

Working with their hands and applying a iron clad work ethic,  ‘no boot is complete until it is right’.  They use only the best materials and traditional techniques to strive for a product they are proud to put their name on.

They count it a great privilege to have been taught by master artisans that still build boots the old Cowboy way to be passed ahead affording you freedom of choice for quality not dependent on mass production.

With attention to detail and built with quality material, one that fits your individual needs, you can have a boot you don’t want to take off.

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Phone: (605) 745-5036 ~~ Email: custom@cowboybootsshop.net
Repairs may be dropped off at Y-L (Y bar L) Saddlery located across from the Mammoth Site on the truck bypass in Hot Springs

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